A doughty champion of his local culture.(Poet Tom Hubbard)Your performance at the city hall was soooooooooo good! Christoph thought it was excellent! (Carolyn)


back in groningen!


my tuebingen

at st mary's lighthouse, whitley bay


groningen twinning!


Twinning is fun! What would we do without it
After all’s said and done? Let me tell you all about it:
We started back in ninety-two
With Julia and you know who;
With readings, talks and workshops too,
They made it run.

We’ve twinned together now for fifteen years,
And it don’t seem a day too much;
When the Jinglin’ Geordie hits the Huis de Beurs,
Then the Newcastle Browns go Dutch;
When the Jinglin’ Geordie hits the Huis de Beurs,
Then the Newcastle Browns go Dutch.

Years came and went; We had folksingers and pipers;
They would glide back and forth like a pair of windscreen wipers:
We’d drink and talk right through the night
And often argue black was white
(On Shearer’s shirt) till morning light
The birdsong sent.


But Keith was the one: the mover and the shaker;
With his ear for a pun, he’s a proper ballad maker:
As Naked Betty’s shame he hides
With poems “found” in City Guides,
His Flying Pigs will split your sides
Till tears start to run.


Now fifteen years have passed, but the link-up must continue;
We have not seen the last of the twinning’s bone and sinew;
We’ll fix up visits more and more –
Five years will celebrate the score –
Let’s drink a toast and raise a roar:
“Long may it last!”


Allan Wilcox


bolton images - ye olde man & scythe, the flying flute, arkwright's barber's shop on churchgate

Previous names for the Flying Flute have been the Fleece Hotel, Gaiety, Maxims, and Tiger Feet.

Richard Arkwright had a barber's shop in Churchgate before he moved to London and invented his Water Frame. He was married to Patience Holt in St Peter's on March 31st 1755. The plaque above the newsagent reads: Sir Richard Arkwright inventor of the water frame for cotton spinning occupied a shop on this site as a barber and peruke maker from 1760 to 1768. Arkwright used to travel as a peruke (wig) maker to collect hair and, during one such expedition, he met with Kay, a clockmaker, when he got interested in cotton machinery. Using water, he created a yarn known as water twist.


groningen visitors

Just to remind you that there will be an event with a Groningen poetry delegation from Newcastle's twin city (listed below) at the Ouseburn Boat House (owned by Newcastle City Council), Spillers Quay, Newcastle (near the Tyne pub) 18.00 to 20.00 on Saturday 27th September - admission free. There will be local poets including Keith Armstrong, Paul Summers, Ellen Phethean and Catherine Graham, and folk music, including shanties from the Ancient Mariners and a Northumbrian Piper.

Rense Sinkgraven
Anneke Claus
Tjitse Hofman
Ronald Ohlsen
Emiel Matulewicz
Willem Groenewegen.


armstrong in cumbria

the jingling geordie

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