from a geordie lady in penrith

Thank you for the gift of poetry books, I have read them in the last few days, my favourite is An Oubliette for Kitty, it invokes melancholy in a heart felt way, reminding us all the circle of life moves forward, change is inevitable, but we must look back too. Ah Keith you have made me homesick ( recurring problem!) Happy times spent at the Side Gallery viewing wonderful and gritty photographs by Jimmy Forsyth of Scotswood long gone. My memories of New Year: at 12-00 am the foghorns of the ships on the Tyne would herald the arrival of the new year, signalling to my dad stood outside clasping his piece of coal it was time to first foot and get into the warmth with Jimmy Shand on the telly. I used to share my bed with the comforting sound of the night shift welders, industrial lullaby. Where we live has its own beauty, alas no ships fog horns to hail and welcome the new year. Last but not least no one calls me hinny any more.
I wish you continuing success as the bard, waxing lyrical and passionate.
Travel with love,

the jingling geordie

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