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This volume brings together more than twenty contributions ranging from fond memory to critical inquiry anent the late Hamish Henderson, Scotland’s leading folklorist of the twentieth century, remarkable poet and songwriter, and political activist.
Edited by Eberhard 'Paddy' Bort, the book includes contributions from Keith Armstrong, Margaret Bennett, Eberhard ‘Paddy’ Bort, Ray Burnett, David Daiches, Lesley Duncan, Archie Fisher, George Gunn, William Hershaw, John Lucas, Richie McCaffery, Geordie McIntyre, Dolina Maclennan, Alison McMorland, Ewan McVicar, Andrew Means, Donald Meek, Colin Nicholson, Mario Relich, Jennie Renton, Donald Smith and Sheena Wellington; and art work from Howard Glasser,Tom Hubbard, Allan McMillan, Jan Miller and Timothy Neat.
Anent Hamish Henderson is published by Grace Note Publications (May 2015) and retails at £15.

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