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jingle jingle!



First 10 of 40 shortlisted poems for the Desmond O'Grady Poetry Competition (http://www.desmondogrady.com/poetrycompetition.html) read Wednesday 14th November at White House Bar:
"November" by Ann Dempsey" read by Marian Cody,
"In The 
Hands of White Men" by Cait Morris,
"MAGPIE" by Carlos Reyes read by Tom McCarthy,
"FLYING FISH" by Carlo Reyes read by Martin O'Briain,
"Fear is the Cheapest Room in the House" by John Saunders,
"IN THE GALWAY HOOKER BAR" by Keith Armstrong read by Dominic Taylor,
"Everyday Holocaust" by Mary Jo Gibbons read by Mark Mulvey,
"On a swing" by Rachel Sutcliffe read by Bertha McCullagh,
"My Lemon Tree" by Tammara Or Slilat (Video),
"The Man With The Silver Tinged Hair" by Teri Murray

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