jingle jingle!

jingle jingle!



(for Jakub)

Home Rule for the Jelly Fish,
A swimming pool, not a dirty dish.

Jelly Fish of the oceans unite,
Swim in one peace, don’t fight.

No longer Jelly Fish of War,
We will make love on the sea floor.

No more monuments to dead fish,
At last we Jelly Fish will have our wish.

New markets for Jelly Fish allies,
No matter what their countries’ size.

March for freedom for Jelly Fish,
Create a Jelly Fish world of bliss.

No more the rotten capitalist sting,
For the new Jelly Fish future we sing.

Fight for the Jelly Fish vote,
Sail in a Jelly Fish boat.

For democracy for the Jelly Fish,
Put your cross on the Jelly Fish list.

Place your faith in the Jelly Fish Party,
Go to Jelly Fish University.

Make more Jelly Fish money,
Spend your days in a hive of Jelly Fish honey.

Jelly Fish bank notes
For Jelly Fish poets!

Jelly Fish bank notes
For Jelly Fish poets!


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