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the common touch

Dear Dr Armstrong,

I thoroughly enjoyed 'Common Words and the Wandering Star' and learned much

from it. There were so many things I didn't know (well, most things

actually), for example Common's acquaintance with Dylan Thomas, and his

association with people like Empson, or that Orwell's wife is buried in

Jesmond Cemetery. I loved the chapter on the Hertfordshire period with

Orwell in particular, and am very sympathetic with Common's love of Romantic

poetry. I've taken the liberty this afternoon of posting you a copy of my

book on the Romantics which came out a few months ago. It's part of a new

series aimed at undergraduates. If you do get round to reading it and think

it's any good, please do recommend it here and there. I'd be grateful.

There's a sentence on p.52 of 'Common Words' which made me smile. 'The

"global market" seems triumphant'.

Anyway, wonderful to read such a long overdue book and you are to be

congratulated for it. My mother and father had their wedding reception in

'The Chillingham' in 1937.

All best wishes,

John Gilroy

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