jingle jingle!

jingle jingle!



The hot-headed geniuses of Sandgate are leaping round town tonight

but the place is drunk and the walkways stagger

and there seems no sense in historic streets.

Where old sailors lamented and hand-carts rested

and ships grew up on the river,

the times merge in the swaying crowds

and fancy dress keelmen swig in the night.

Here's the 'hot headed geniuses'

gannin doon with the tide

to plant bites on fresh lasses' necks,

and the hours keel over

and the days rock on,

as the love-bitten 'Lass of Byker Hill'

falls in the Keelman's Arms.

So let the pipers play

this Tyneside story

all over again.

It's a Geordie nightmare,

a black and white dream

all for you,

with knobs on.


* John Wesley was rescued by fishwife Mrs Bailes from what he termed 'the hot-headed geniuses of Sandgate' when he preached from the steps of Newcastle's Guildhall

Trevor Teasdel won the Northern Voices Award for 2010

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