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Limerick pub raises a toast to legendary actor and names 'Harris Hellraiser' cocktail in his honour

Miss Limerick Gemma Reilly with the new 'Harris Hellraiser' cocktail at Charlie St George's pub in Parnell Street, Limerick
Miss Limerick Gemma Reilly with the new 'Harris Hellraiser' cocktail at Charlie St George's pub in Parnell Street, Limerick

Published Date:
19 November 2010
IT'S a drink Richard Harris would have been proud to lend his name to. A special cocktail was invented this week by publican Tommy Dore in honour of the legendary Limerick actor at the second annual Richard Harris tribute night.
Mr Dore, manager of Charlie St George pub on Parnell Street – which Harris called his "second home" – put in hours of homework to get it exactly right.

And of course the cocktail includes Harris's favourite tipple, Guinness, along with a dash of Coke, butterscotch liqueur, and vodka.

"It went down fantastic," said organiser Dominic Taylor of the Limerick Writers' Centre. "We're looking forward to it being a world bestseller," he joked.

Mr Dore said getting the mix just right took a lot of trial and error: "It tastes lovely. It's a small bit sweet, but it is nice and it gels well. We gave about 50 cocktails out on the night and no one could guess what was in it.

"Harris was a mad Guinness drinker and every so often he'd have a vodka, so we decided to put vodka in. And he'd have scotch the odd time, but that doesn't go well with vodka," said Mr Dore.

It is planned to serve the drink at weekends, and he believes it will be especially popular with American tourists, who visit the pub given its long association with Harris.

He is also hopeful that actor Russell Crowe, who visited Limerick in the past, may make a return to sample the drink and has sent him a message on Twitter to highlight their creation.

A competition was held on the night to decide upon a name for the cocktail, and the "Harris hellraiser" was selected as the most fitting tribute.

The actor famously liked a drink and once said: "I formed a new group called Alcoholics Unanimous. If you don't feel like a drink, you ring another member and he comes over to persuade you."

One wall in the pub, known as the "wall of memories", is completely dedicated to newspaper articles and memorabilia of his life's work.
"In about nine of the 20 photos he has a pint of Guinness in his hand," added Mr Dore.

Those who attended the night were invited to dress up as Harris lookalikes.

The evening including a showing of his iconic film 'This Sporting Life', along with a presentation of his film career and local poets read some of Harris' own poetry. Miss Limerick, Gemma Reilly, launched the drink this Tuesday night.

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