(Dedicated to Freddy the Dolphin)


across the ocean fields
this beacon burning

those years sailed by
seeking memories
of shipwrecks

heartbreaking waves

soft coral communities
relic dunes


i’m trading all my sorrows for an ocean and a breeze

starlight spins the sky a web of diamonds

drifting in my daydreams to the islands

the spirit of the sailor whispers in the wind

follow the dolphin
follow the dolphin

i need to hear a voice inside the ocean’s roar

you might hear the crying of the babies

follow the dolphin
follow the dolphin


drifting in moonlight
the dunes sing their songs

cry of the seagulls
curse of the ghosts

aches of dead warriors scar this old coast

this air is our breath
this sea is our thirst

our dreams are sailing home

forebears and old cares
blown in the wind

pull of loved harbours
draws our boats in

surge of the salmon
and urge of the sea

follow the dolphin
follow the dolphin

slopes of the cheviots
caress of the waves

shipwrecks and driftwood
float in our heads

follow the dolphin
follow the dolphin


spearing dusk
living on the brink

the evening is a prayer
a red hymn

the sky soars around us

follow the dolphin


the jingling geordie

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whitley bay, tyne and wear, United Kingdom
poet and raconteur