Thatcher dismembered Britain, enthroned inequality, privatisation, and commercial hocus-pocus. Blair-Brown’s New Labour ‘rebranding’, its claim to inherit from her, marked a surrender to markets and market-makers that were far wider than the nation. You could not have profit-driven culture-industries - New Labour’s ‘Cool Britannia’ - and retain culture as critique. (Christopher Harvie. Broonland. The Last Days of Gordon Brown. Verso, 2010).

It was always nonsense to imagine that unfettered greed would trickle down into social inclusion, and when the bubble burst those who placed their faith in the Sanctimonious One were left with egg on their faces. In the coming years this is going to stink to high heaven - and we're all going to smell it. (Will Self, The Observer, 4/4/2010).

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