football poet!

I’m a Geordie,
Heaton born,
on the banks of the Tyne;
a real one
who drinks Real Ale,
whose blood is flowing
with community history,
who resents
the cultural parachutists,
the rootless,
who nab our culture
and take it as their own.
I’m a Geordie,
a Newcastle United man,
a man who likes to play with flair,
a man who likes craft,
fire in his belly,
the taste of the shipyard
still in his mouth.
That’s why,
when they lose,
my heart breaks again
and this mucky city seems a sadder place,
until the optimism returns on Tuesday
and the sunlight
shines again
through the Bridge Hotel window
into my glass
and into my warm Geordie soul.


Love the poem Keith!

Janis Blower, Shields Gazette

written for 'true faith', the newcastle united fanzine for which keith armstrong aka 'the jingling geordie' is poet-in-residence.


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