A doughty champion of his local culture.(Poet Tom Hubbard)Your performance at the city hall was soooooooooo good! Christoph thought it was excellent! (Carolyn)


peter common on bridge hotel jack common book launch

Hi Keith,

It was an absolute pleasure. I really enjoyed the evening, the old Bridge
Hotel didn't let us down and the atmosphere was magic, particularly in the
bar afterwards. (The beer was great as well).

I got back to the Travelodge safely afterwards with the help of those two
crazy sisters that you left me in the hands of. They drove me home in their
car. I believe they are called Angela and Siobhan. Good people to be sure!

It was good hearing the "Kiddar's Luck" folk group in a more sympathetic
atmosphere. I have since downloaded the words of two of their songs, Sally
Wheatley and Sally Gee, both very interesting but for different reasons. I
would like to know more about the background to the Sally Gee song. Do you
know anything about the story?

I also enjoyed seeing and hearing Catherine Graham again, she gave me a card
with her poem, "When the Ship Sails up Dean Street", printed on it.

And of course your own contribution was up to your usual high standard. All
in all, a memorable evening!

The journey home was uneventful and straightforward. It's always good to
visit Newcastle but it is also good to get back home again.

Good luck with the continued sales of your excellent book.

All the best


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