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A Jack Common Celebration

The Bridge Hotel, Castle Garth, Newcastle upon Tyne

Keith Armstrong introduces his recent book about Jack Common, followed by talk by Peter Common, commissioned poetry by Catherine Graham and music from Kiddar's Luck folk group.

7pm Tuesday 1st December 2009

"Thanks for the book which I think is splendid. THE definitive work. I liked, in particular, your emphasis on the essays which I only discovered through your Strong Words publication all those years ago." (John Mapplebeck, Bewick Films)

"I think you have produced a very interesting and unusual book, an amalgamation between biography of Jack, a lot of interesting detail about his various writings, his socialism and intellectual discussions in the 30s, and then the theme of your own work encouraged by his example as a working-class writer, and leading on to helping other writers in the North East.
I applaud your persistence in publicising your hero and your loyalty to Jack over all these years." (Sally Magill, Jack’s daughter)

"You must be feeling very proud that your book is at long last out on the bookshelves and ready to race to the top of the charts." (Peter Common, Jack's son)

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