jingle jingle!

jingle jingle!


armstrong in douglas, isle of man

To the wonderful, amusing, spot-on Keith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for coming to the Isle of Man and sharing your ace sense of humour and brilliantly crafted words. Please come back again. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Shelley D


(inspired by Patrick Kavanagh)

I met a kind of woman on the Isle of Man,
she touched me where a railway was.
She took me to Port Soderick
to lay all her dreams on the line.
She was a sexed-up girl from Ballasalla,
with a compartment for each of my moods.
By the time she had me in Ronaldsway,
I was starting to fill up with her joy.
In Ballabeg, she jumped on my train
to make me explode with a steamy desire.
Now, I’m missing her beauty again,
with her island warmth and hospitable eyes.
And, If I ever go back in Port Erin rain,
I’ll be sure to surrender my poems to her lips.


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