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TWINNING NEWS 25/2//2008

Just back from another successful mission to Newcastle's Dutch twin city of Groningen is Geordie poet Keith Armstrong. Armstrong performed 4 readings in one day at the City Hall, Public Library, Werkman College and Cafe Marleen. He was accompanied on this occasion by folk singer Gary Miller and joined during his stay by new Groningen City Poet Rense Sinkgraven who visited Newcastle last year.

Plans are aready afoot for a Groningen cultural delegation to visit Newcastle with a performance at the Bridge Hotel on November 4th and a meeting with Newcastle's Lord Mayor. Already invited for this one are poets Rense Sinkgraven and Tjitse Hofman and Groningen band The Waistcoats, who performed with Keith in the Cafe Marleen.

Armstrong returns to another old haunt Tuebingen in South Germany in early June for performances as part of Kulturnacht in Durham's twin city.

And, in between times, he's in Limerick, Ireland, at the end of April to help launch a new anthology of poetry from Newcastle and Limerick and to meet the city's Mayor. Nine Limerick poets come to Newcastle on June 25th to celebrate the anthology's Tyneside launch and, of course, to be greeted by the city's Lord Mayor.

So the twinning continues!

More info: Northern Voices tel 0191 2529531.

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