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The Heart and Soul of Whitley Bay in Words and Pictures

This new Northern Voices Community Projects’ publication tells the vivid story of Whitley Bay’s heart and soul, the iconic landmark, the Spanish City.
Funded by North Tyneside Council, the book features creative writing from a range of local poets and story writers, illustrated by photographs and artwork, past and present.
Editor and poet Keith Armstrong and designer/photographer Peter Dixon have set out to capture in dramatic imagery the atmosphere of the place and, with an eye to the future, they portray the continuing appeal of the Spanish City for local folk and also visitors to the area.
This new publishing venture marks the centenary of the historic dome and builds on the large amount of work produced by Northern Voices over the years, following on from the popular ‘From Segedunum to the Spanish City’ North Tyneside heritage volume.

‘Oh! but your lips were thrilling much too thrilling
Never before were mine so strangely willing
But now I see what one embrace can do
Look at me it's got me loving you
That little kiss you stole
Held all my heart and soul.'

(words by Frank Loesser)

ISBN 978-1-871536-29-4

price £5

Published by Northern Voices Community Projects, 93 Woodburn Square, Whitley Lodge, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear NE26 3JD. Tel. 2529531.

Funded by North Tyneside Council.

Hello Keith

Just to let you know, I presented a copy of Spanish City to Fiona Bruce when she recently came to Delaval Hall with the Antiques Road Show and she was delighted to receive it. I take every opportunity to advertise our wonderful Borough and the talent we have within it.

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